Sciiona: Do’s and Don’ts

10 December, 2021

Sciiona Do's and Don'ts

Sciiona is a versatile nutritional condiment that supercharges your food. It’s designed to be incorporated into your everyday diet as a healthy and nourishing habit, not a chore. We have created one of the richest supplies of vital nutrients in the world, from one source, to enjoy as part of your daily regime, beneficial to your immune system. What’s more, our edible micro-coating process improves the taste and nutritional qualities of Sciiona, and ensure it’s safe up to be cooked up to temperatures of 160°C

Simply sprinkle up to two teaspoonfuls daily onto your favourite breakfast, lunch, or dinner dish or use it as an additional ingredient in your favourite recipes.

Although Sciiona is very versatile, there are some do’s and don’ts we advise you follow, to maximise the nutritional benefit of this superfood:


  • Sprinkle Sciiona on top of hot food once cooked.
  • Mix Sciiona in a delicious yoghurt or bircher pot
  • Stir Sciiona into yoghurt or a smoothie with a yoghurt-like consistency, for best results.
  • Use Sciiona in cooked dishes when using a heat below 160°C to protect the nutrients
  • Apply Sciiona to takeaway pre-prepared meals to get your daily nutrition boost.
  • Add Sciiona to salads


  • Use Sciiona when baking over 160°C as excessive heat will destroy the necessary nutrients.
  • Mix Sciiona in milk, water, or low viscous liquid – as it doesn’t dissolve – rather it is digested in our intestines by gastric juices.
  • Put Sciiona through a blender as it will destroy the granules and allow for a loss of nutrients.

Here are 4 of our favourite ways to use Sciiona:

  • Sprinkle…onto hummous, stir frys, soups and salads
  • Bake…into savoury bread, brownies, muffins & cookies (using a heat below 160°C)
  • Stir…into pastas, curries, casseroles and stews
  • Blend…into yoghurts, smoothies or bircher pots

Let us know your favourite way to use Sciiona!

Sciiona, helping you build gut health for natural vitality

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