At last, all the great benefits of moringa without the bitter taste

Sciiona - Next Generation Moringa

Think, a nutritional condiment supercharging your food.

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When science and nature come together, here are six special reasons to make Sciiona your moringa brand of choice.

No unpleasant taste

Unlike other moringa brands, Sciiona’s cellulose coated micro-granules mean that it has no unpleasant taste.

Maximum absorption

Coated micro granules provide modified release, ensuring you get full nutritional value into your intestine.

Heat resistant

Sciiona is heat resistant up to 160 °C for ease of preparation with everyday foods with no loss of vitamins.

Protected coating

Sensitive vitamins are protected from heat, moisture, acid and alkaline compounds.

Cooking versatility

Sciiona’s unique and patented micro-coating process also means that it can be used in cold and hot cuisine up to 160 °C.

Science backed

Developed with the university of Aberdeen, Rowett Institute to bring the benefits of a known superfood to a wider audience.

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What is Sciiona Moringa?

What is Sciiona?

Sciiona, is 100% moringa, and is protected by an edible cellulose micro-coating, high in fibre and protein with all the goodness you need for a happy gut, a robust immune system –and a revitalised you!

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) is one of the most nutrient dense plants on earth.

Sustainable and nutritious

Sciiona does not compete for high quality soils, does not require large amounts of water, and the leaves can be harvested on a nine week cycle, making it one of the most sustainable and nutritious foods on the planet.

Can you believe 600,000 micro-granules are on one teaspoon, preserving essential phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals to deliver full strength nutrition with targeted release to the small intestine?

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