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nutritional gap:
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Research shows that many people don’t get the recommended amount of important nutrients, often due to changing nutritional needs or changing their diets.

To be sure of providing adequate nutrition to feed your gut microbiota, it is wise to consume a range of plant foods and to be sure of achieving this daily top up with Sciiona

Sciiona & your immune gut health - think nutritional condiment supercharging your food.

Sciiona is the ideal complement to a balanced diet and a heathly gut

Sciiona is the ideal, all-natural complement to a a well-balanced diet and supports a healthy gut.

There are about 39 trillion microbes in a healthy human gut system with 300 to 500 different bacterial species. These microbiota have an important influence on your general health and play an important role in the prevention of a wide range of diseases including diabetes and cancer.


Why Sciiona is so much better than
raw moringa

Pure organic moringa leaves

Sciiona is made only from the leaves of organically grown moringa and is supplied by the top accredited supplier in India. Many moringa products on the market are made from leaves that contain nutritionally inferior leaf stems to bulk up.

Prepared under controlled conditions

Sciiona is washed and dried under controlled conditions so all the important protein, fibres minerals and vitamins are not lost. Although air-drying sounds economical and organic it has several drawbacks. Mainly the contamination of the moringa leaves with the inevitable dust that blows in hot countries and the exposure to the sun which destroys vital nutrients.


Sciiona is prepared under meticulously controlled conditions by an accredited, food supplier. The leaves are organically grown, harvested and rapidly washed and dried to preserve all the nutrients creating this top quality food product.

Absence of bitter taste

Moringa is known for its bitter taste but Sciiona has coated every granule with vegetable cellulose to create our palatable superfood.

Protection of vital nutrients from stomach acids

Cellulose micro-coating has been shown to provide protection from acids in the stomach. With Sciiona the vital vitamins and antioxidants are protected from the harsh stomach acid and the nutrients are released into the intestine where they are absorbed into your body to provide maximum benefit for a healthy immune system.

Protection from heat

Sciiona’s micro-coating protects the moringa from temperatures up to 160°C Sciiona can be added to everyday food without any loss of nutritional goodness.

Protection from harsh environmental conditions

Raw moringa that is exposed to moist air and water during storage or when used in the preparation s of acidic moothies has a significant reduction in its important components.

Sciiona’s protective coating means that it can be safely added after preparation without any loss of strength.

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