Healthy Meal Ideas for Fussy Eaters

16 June, 2022

fussy eater meal ideas

Healthy Meals Ideas For Fussy Eaters

When you have a fussy eater in the house, feeding them a varied and healthy diet can be really hard work, trying to get them to try new foods and introduce them to new tastes, flavours, and textures (particularly the healthy options) can feel like an impossible task some days. You don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen cooking up a storm, because chances are, they’ll turn up their nose at your tasty and healthy offering.

We aim to help frustrated parents, grandparents and carers introduce their reluctant picky eaters to meals that are both familiar & healthy by simply adding a brand-new no-mess superfood. 

No bitter taste – no green mess – no wasted food – NO FUSS – NO FIGHTS

Sciiona was designed for you so that a fussy eater can get their greens, by adding it to their favourite food without any bad taste or green mess.

Picky eaters can be tricky to cook for, especially when trying to make sure they get the nourishment they need. Stop the mealtime battle before it even starts by giving them exactly what they want……. With the extra bonus of all the nourishment, vitamins, and minerals they need.

All this in one spoonful simply stirred in.

Sciiona is designed to be used in cooking up to 160°C and can mix beautifully with foods like spaghetti Bolognese, meatballs, beans, yoghurt and more. Below are several options for you and your fussy eater where Sciiona mixes in beautifully and will help you introduce, stealthily, a healthy nutritious meal or snack.

Directions: Incorporating Sciiona into your everyday meals could not be easier. Take 1 spoonful (per person) and add to your premade dishes.

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Healthy Fast Food

Do your kids love fast-food, burgers, chips & chicken nuggets?

Of course, they do.

Do they ask for ketchup or BBQ sauce?

Absolutely. They love the sauce!!!!

This family friendly dish, although not the heathiest of your options it is sometimes the easiest dishes for fussy eaters’ mealtimes. With Sciiona you can enhance this meal with 5 special added benefits, giving them vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Directions: Take your fussy eater’s fave sauce and add it to a little ramekin or bowl. Add 1 spoonful of Sciiona and mix thoroughly. Serve on burger or at side of the plate to dip as required.

Fussy Eater Lunch

  • Tuna sandwiches
  • Favourite soup (homemade or store bought)


Directions: Add 1 spoonful of Sciiona and mix thoroughly.

Kid-Friendly Meals for Picky Eaters 

  • Chilli & Rice
  • Beans on toast / Cheesy beano (Beans on toast with cheese)
  • Baked potato with beans
  • Baked potato with Tuna mayo
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Mac n cheese
  • Alphabetti spaghetti


Directions: Add 1 spoonful of Sciiona and mix thoroughly.

Healthy Snacks for Fussy Kids 

  • Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwiches
  • Yoghurt
  • Chips n Dip


Directions: Add 1 spoonful of Sciiona and mix thoroughly.

Easy Meal Ideas For Pick Eaters

As you can see the directions are simple across all the meals and snacks. You just add 1 spoonful of Sciiona and mix it in.


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What’s Missing from Fussy Eater Diet?

Fussy eaters can suffer from a nutritional gap because of the limited variety of foods they eat. It can mean that they miss out on a variety of important vitamins and minerals essential for growing bodies. Many of these key nutrients are only found in leafy green vegetables. These vegetables often have a strong taste and are the most difficult to introduce to the picky eater. Key nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, E and K and vital minerals, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and polyphenols, are therefore absent from the diet.

Sciiona is the answer, with 5 special added benefits it also has 24% fibre which is important for immune and gut health.

So why chose Sciiona to help your fussy eaters get a more balanced diet? 

  • A source of greens without any fuss, delicious when added to the right food
  • Can be added straight to food, no preparation, no alterations or coaxing
  • Is micro-coated to protect nutrients for direct release in the intestine
  • 100+ nutrients, and 50+ antioxidants to help support good gut health which is crucial for development.

All this and it can cost less than 50p per day per person

What is Moringa? 

Moringa is a superfood with nutritional benefits including all nine essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, micronutrients, isothiocyanates and antioxidants with significant moringa benefits for gut health, immune response, and general wellness.

What is Sciiona – next-generation Moringa? 

Sciiona uses the highest grade of organic moringa and is high in fibre, protein, minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorous, copper, iron, vitamins (including A, D, and B6), and antioxidants such as β-carotene, vitamin C and flavonoids. All of these contribute to the normal functioning of your immune system and digestive system. Sciiona is micro-coated which helps prevent colour spreading. Just sprinkle a teaspoonful on food, one meal per day.

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