What Makes Sciiona Special?

30 September, 2021


Here at Sciiona, we think that we stand out for all of the right reasons. Whilst we might not be the only moringa provider in the marketplace, we distinguish ourselves from the competition with our innovative and unique offering. Only Sciiona has a patented cellulose protective coating, developed with the University of Aberdeen, Rowett Institute. Unlike traditional moringa products Sciiona has eliminated the bitter taste with no loss of goodness, is protected in the stomach and released in the intestine for maximum benefit. That’s not all, keep reading to find out exactly what makes Sciiona so special.  

Backed by science  

Scientists are renowned for their cautious approach when it comes to making claims about new products in the market. That is exactly why in developing Sciiona, we have worked with Professor Wendy Russell from The University of Aberdeen, Rowett Institute, a world renowned research organisation specialising in diet and health. As such, our customers can be rest assured that our product is supported by independent academic opinion. No other moringa product has this level of support. 

Pure organic moringa leaves only 

The Moringa tree is native to Northern India, and we source our raw material from that area where there are many years’ experience of growing, harvesting and drying the leaves. We use an accredited moringa producer ensuring only the highest quality organic leaves are used in Sciiona. 

No more bitter tasting moringa  

Raw moringa is known for having quite a pungent, bitter taste that often cuts through other tastes if combined with other foods. Our patented micro-coating process ensures that each minute unit of moringa powder is coated, masking the bitter taste. The taste comes primarily from the isothiocyanates which are present, and which are important constituents for a healthy immune system. Our patented microencapsulation process seals in the isothiocyanate so you still get all the benefits, just without the unpleasant taste. 

Complete protein for vegans and vegetarians 

We use organic moringa leaves grown, harvested and dried by experts in northern India. Our UK based micro-coating process uses plant derived cellulose, so it’s completely suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Sciiona contains a huge 18 amino acids, including all nine essential amino acids, making it one of the very rare complete proteins in the plant world. As a complete protein, this means it contains an adequate amount of all nine of the essential amino acids necessary for the function of the human body. The amino acid composition in Sciiona is very similar to that of many animal sources. In other words, it offers the nutritional benefits of meat, without eating meat. This helps both vegans and vegetarians optimise their protein intake which is vital for muscle growth, strong bones, low blood pressure and overall wellness. 

Protection of vital nutrients from stomach acids 

Encapsulation has been shown to provide protection from stomach acids. The vital vitamins and antioxidants in moringa can be attacked by the harsh acids in your stomach. As such, our microencapsulation process protects the nutrients in the moringa and ensures that these are released in the small intestine, where they are absorbed into the body to provide maximum benefit for a healthy immune system.  

Protection from heat 

Sciiona has gone through a highly sophisticated process of micro-coating which sees each tiny granule of moringa powder coated in protective vegetable cellulose, which can protect the nutrients from temperatures up to 160°C. This means Sciiona can be incorporated into your cooked meals, or even sprinkled over any hot food after preparation, without any loss of nutritional benefits. It’s the perfect solution to supercharge your meals.  

Innovative technology 

Our patented micro-coating process transforms dried organic moringa leaf powder and creates micro-granules that are highly palatable, which are a versatile ingredient or condiment. Our independent and extensive research has shown there are numerous other advantages from this process including a reduction in the amount of digestion in the stomach. This helps to maintain nutritional content for digestion in the intestine where they can have the maximum impact, which is vital for a healthy immune system. 

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