How Does Heat and Moisture Effect Moringa?

20 January, 2022

Can You Strengthen Your Immune System with Moringa

It’s fair to say that moringa has well earned its status as ‘The Miracle Tree’, being one of the most nutrient dense and nutritionally useful trees on earth. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) that leads international efforts to defeat world malnutrition, describes moringa as “the economically most valuable species of plant”. Native to northern India, the leaves of the moringa tree are used extensively in local dishes to provide trace nutrients, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to people across the third world.

So one would assume that by consuming this undeniable superfood, you would benefit from the full roster of nutrients? Not quite…keep reading to find out more.

Unfortunately, both heat and moisture can have a detrimental effect on the vital nutrients found in many vegetables used in human diets. What’s more, the conditions of post-harvest processing and cooking can have negative effects on the true value of vegetables when consumed and as much as 25% of the components vital to health can be lost by inappropriate treatments. Various studies have shown that glucosinolates, vitamins, phenolic compounds, and other health-promoting compounds have been shown to be heavily lost during thermal processing.

This was a challenge we here at Sciiona set out to overcome in the creation of our product, and we’re proud to say, we achieved through the creation of our patented micro-coating process.

Innovative technology

Our patented micro-coating process transforms dried organic moringa leaf powder and creates micro-granules that are highly palatable, eliminating the bitter taste of raw moringa, and instead producing a versatile ingredient and condiment.

Our independent and extensive research has shown that a key advantage of this process is a reduction in the amount of digestion in the stomach. This micro-encapsulation ensures that the vital nutrients contained within the product are protected from degradation by stomach acids or heat from cooking and therefore, reach the site of absorption (the small intestine) intact. This also helps to maintain the nutritional content for digestion in the intestine where they can have the maximum impact, which is vital for a healthy immune system.

This is a key difference between Sciiona and raw moringa powders.

Protection of vital nutrients from stomach acids

Encapsulation has been shown to provide protection from stomach acids. The vital vitamins and antioxidants in moringa can be attacked by the harsh acids in your stomach. As such, our microencapsulation process protects the nutrients in the moringa and ensures that these are released in the small intestine, where they are absorbed into the body to provide maximum benefit for a healthy immune system.

Protection from heat

Sciiona has gone through a highly sophisticated process of micro-coating which sees each tiny granule of moringa powder coated in protective vegetable cellulose, which can protect the nutrients from temperatures up to 160°C. This means Sciiona can be incorporated into your cooked meals, or even sprinkled over any hot food after preparation, without any loss of nutritional benefits. It’s the perfect solution to supercharge your meals.

By protecting the vital nutrients found in moringa from the effects of both heat and moisture, Sciiona offers a guarantee that most of our competitors cannot; that you will receive the full benefits of this true superfood.

Sciiona, helping you build gut health for natural vitality.

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